Francisco Cabrera Castillejo
Francisco Cabrera C.
21:33 16 Nov 19
Muy buen trato de todo el personal de la oficina
Angel Ore
Angel O.
02:27 14 Nov 19
Carla Johnson
Carla J.
23:17 11 Nov 19
Brittany Brown-Brooks
Brittany B.
22:02 11 Nov 19
Dr. Rotter and her staff are nice and professional. Her facility is clean and welcoming. I’ve been a patient since 2008 and I wouldn’t think of going to another dentist. I love this place!
Daniel Sotolongo
Daniel S.
15:39 11 Nov 19
My experience with Dr. Rotter was great! The employees were nice and responsive. They helped support my dental hygiene and made my teeth feel a lot better than before! I’m glad I chose Dr. Rotter as my dentist!
Elmer Emaric
Elmer E.
22:37 07 Nov 19
My visit was on time and very pleasant. The Doctor took her time to explain everything in detail. They made me feel super comfortable and relaxed. I will definitely recommend this denatl office for those who are seeking a Dentist with good hands and super patient with her patients. The staff was also helpful. A tremendous environment, especially for those who are afraid of the dentist.
Adrian Wright
Adrian W.
19:56 06 Nov 19
Real professionals at work a warm and lovely staff highly recommended one of the best dental office that I know off five stars all the way.
Jonathan Ellis
Jonathan E.
23:36 04 Nov 19
Dr. Rotter is very professional. I feel that I am in excellent hands.
23:09 04 Nov 19
Amazing service !!!! Very friendly and professional staff.The overall performance was outstanding.
Edward Rodriguez
Edward R.
22:31 30 Oct 19
Awesome dentist. The staff and the doctor really care and are very knowledgeable.
Carlos Estremadoyro
Carlos E.
21:09 29 Oct 19
Jose Lopez
Jose L.
02:07 23 Oct 19
Mona Alameddine
Mona A.
22:04 21 Oct 19
alba cheas
alba C.
23:52 16 Oct 19
Marites Sabater
Marites S.
13:46 16 Oct 19
My husband and I have been their patients for several years. In the years that we've gone to have all our dental issues taken care of, we can both say our positive experiences have brought us back again and again to Dr. Artrid's office. Her team is the best!
Edson Sossai
Edson S.
01:30 10 Oct 19
Dr. Rotter is an amazing professional who would never settle for less than perfect. She will always go the extra mile to make the patient feel special and ultimately happy.
Lydia Lopez
Lydia L.
18:33 09 Oct 19
I'm not usually a fan of the dentist, but I drive all the way from North Miami to visit Dr. Rotter and her staff at West Pines Dental. The office is VERY clean and comfortable. There are TVs in the waiting area and the treatment rooms. Dr. Rotter takes extra special care to make sure your comfortable and not in any pain. The hygienist is also extremely thorough. The reason why I left my last dentist was because they weren't doing a good job; that's not the case at West Pines Dental. I now look forward to going to the dentist.
22:34 03 Oct 19
Dr. Rotter and her team are amazing, super friendly and listen keenly. I am so glad to have found her, they are the best! Also, very clean office which is a plus for me!
Janet Mata
Janet M.
21:37 03 Oct 19
Dr Rotter is amazing! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. She is very thorough and answers all questions. She is very gentle and puts nervous patients like myself at ease. The entire staff makes you feel comfortable and are very friendly. BEST DENTIST in Pembroke Pines!
simon couri
simon C.
23:18 02 Oct 19
Very professional and hygienic as I am a client since 1995. God Bless.
Kuang-Wei Wen
Kuang-Wei W.
20:06 02 Oct 19
Sandra Valentine
Sandra V.
20:24 16 Sep 19
I'm giving a 5 star rating because there is nothing higher. Hands down the best dentist and staff PERIOD. They deliver personalized service like "family" and the work performed is TOP NOTCH. I recommend them at the highest level.
Zero Glory Channel
Zero Glory C.
16:00 16 Sep 19
Dr.Rotter is extremely amazing, she’s very informative, caring and loving! She does a great job on making you feel comfortable while the operation is going on! I’ve been going to her for years and she’s never failed me once!
Yura PAstran
Yura P.
17:02 24 Jul 19
I had the best experience with Dr. Astrid. She is very professional and cares about her clients. I love my new smile
Wilberto Fuentes Berrios
Wilberto Fuentes B.
16:36 19 Jul 19
I highly recommend Dr. Astrid and her staff. A very professional and nice staff. Keep doing that great job guys!!
Steve Server
Steve S.
17:45 02 Jul 19
An amazing Dentist! Have been a patient for 5 years now and would recommend her and her team to anyone that needs any level of dental care. Extremely considerate and very sensitive to pain and always insures that you are comfortable and happy with her service..
Henry Alvarez
Henry A.
14:34 19 Jun 19
Ray Gongora
Ray G.
16:33 10 Apr 19
I have been visiting Dr. Rotter's office for dental care for some years now. Each visit gets more comfortable. My recent visit this week i must admit that I felt like a family member. The staff continues to be very welcoming and hospitable and what impress me more is the periodic visits that Dr. Rotter makes, inquiring and evaluating each process. She provides comfort and exceptional professionalism. She is highly recommended.
Daniel Mata
Daniel M.
15:25 10 Apr 19
Dr.Rotter is very knowledgeable, she looks after her patients and always does an outstanding job 100% of the time! I will always come back here.
Katux 13
Katux 1.
20:39 21 Jan 19
Amazing doctor!Patient, friendly and super professional!
Viviana Merip
Viviana M.
16:13 18 Oct 18
I totally recommend visiting Dr. Rotter she is excellent, and her staff are sweet and caring.
juan montoya
juan M.
15:11 03 Oct 18
Great pace! Very friendly staff and you can tell the care about the well being of the patients! I really recommend this office to anyone who’s looking for a place with good customer service and affordable prices.
Nature Way Essentials with Gio
Nature Way Essentials with G.
21:00 26 Sep 18
Great first time experience. Dr and staff very friendly and helpful. Office looks great and very clean. A++++++
Bonnie Newton
Bonnie N.
16:15 12 Jun 18
I have been a patient of Dr. Astrid Rotter for over 20 years. The level of care and professionalism being provided cannot be measured.Dr. Rotter and her staff goes beyond what is required to make everyone that walks through the door feel comfortable and assured that you will receive the highest level of quality, trust and care that can be given.I would highly recommend the services of West Pines Dental for all of your Dental needs.
Shannon Spence
Shannon S.
16:26 03 May 18
I’ve been going to Dr. Rotters Denist office since the age of 5. The staff in office are always professional and kind. I would recommend this dentist to anyone because they take good care of your teeth and the prices are affordable.
Diana Brener
Diana B.
14:42 03 May 18
Courtesy and professionalism for all the staff. I feel like I am home because of their kidness.
Maylle F
Maylle F
20:04 25 Apr 18
I highly recommend this office. I have been a patient for a few years now and I am extremely satisfied with the services , the ambiance and the staff. Dr. Rotter is experienced, caring and talented. The staff is very nice and professional. You will be in great hands.
Vanessa Graffe
Vanessa G.
14:58 23 Apr 18
Amazing team of professionals. Dr. Astrid has such a gentle and soft touch, i did not feel a thing and was truly happy with the results. I went in for a cavity and general check up. Her team is well prepared to help you, I personally was impressed with Betsy who helped me with my insurance going above and beyond her call of duty.
Juan Mongalo
Juan M.
14:51 05 Apr 18
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr.Rotter. She has a very friendly and professional staff. The quality of the work is always superb and that's why I have been coming for years and will continue to do so. 🙂
ramona mojica
ramona M.
16:16 12 Mar 18
Como dentista y como persona es lo mejor que es encontrado aqui en miami estoy con ella por más de 10. Gracias a dios nunca es tenido ninguna mala experiencia y la recomiendo a todos el mundo que me pregunta por mi dentista
Maria Misas
Maria M.
18:33 14 Dec 17
Dr. Rotter is the best dentist ever! She is very gentle and knowledgeable. The staff is great! I am very happy with my dental work and I highly Recommend Dr. Rotter 100%.
02:36 16 Oct 17
Dr. Rotter and her staff are great! They are all very professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Rotter is very detailed and explains step by step every procedure. She makes sure you feel comfortable the whole time. The office is nice, clean, and welcoming. The entire staff is amazing, I had a great experience from the moment I walked in to the office. They are really good with their appointments times, wait times are always less 5 minutes. I would highly recommend West Pines Dental.
Raquel Ogneo
Raquel O.
16:24 26 Sep 17
Had an extremely great experience with Dr. Rotter. She did dental work on me: Implants and Crowns. It was painless, couldn't feel a thing! Definilety reccomend her and her staff. Super kind staff, very friendly.
margarita astacio
margarita A.
01:32 03 Jul 17
I had a great experience. The doctor and her staff were very kind and helpful.
Lenny Alba
Lenny A.
22:26 28 Jun 17
Walter G Latimer
Walter G L.
17:47 28 Jun 17
A great experience.
Elizabeth Risi
Elizabeth R.
19:58 15 Jun 17
Always get the fast, efficient attention I need by an all-female staff. Great soft touch.
Yohel Flores
Yohel F.
20:34 14 Jun 17
I definitely recommend Dr. Rotter. I did my invisaligns and 1 deep cleaning with her and I am 100% satisfied. The staff and doctor are extremely friendly, patient, and professional! You won't regret going after having your first visit.
Raquel La Rivera
Raquel La R.
13:32 20 Feb 17
Elizabeth Risi
Elizabeth R.
19:40 22 Dec 16
Dr. Rotter made my trip to the dentist a much better experience! I highly recommend.
Pugliese Francisco
Pugliese F.
01:15 29 Nov 16
I've been going to Dr. Rotter for about 5 years now. I've always been extremely impressed and amazed every time I leave her office. I recommend everybody to go to her and I promise you that you won't regret it. Dr. Rotter and her staff are also very caring and patient with all of her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Rotter to anyone that is uncertain about a dentist.
Jessica Rivero
Jessica R.
15:12 12 Sep 16
I recommend Dr. Rotter one hundred percent!! I had a good experience, if you are looking for a gentle caring dentist look no further!
veronica alvarez
veronica A.
15:39 20 Jul 16
Kistama Naidu
Kistama N.
16:40 14 Jul 16
Dr. Rotter is very gentle and caring. She is very thorough with her dentistry and her staff is amazing. Highly recommend Dr. Rotter for all of your family dental needs!
Adrian Jimenez
Adrian J.
18:10 16 Apr 15
Dr. Astrid Rotter and her team is like no other. All employees are knowledgeable in their field of study. Explain in detail my x-rays as well as live pictures to show me, what the doctor saw. Wish I had met this dental group earlier.
Ramon Melendez
Ramon M.
16:08 24 Feb 15
Caring, professional and knowledgeable are attributes that describe Dr. Rotter. I have lived in several states and seen many dentists, none had shown the personal interest of making sure that I improved on my dental health, to make sure that I understood the importance of prevention and daily cleaning routine. Dr. Rotter makes sure that the procedures are painless and quick. All that with minimal waiting and great staff makes Dr. Rotter one of the best in the dental/ medical field. At Dr. Rotter office you are not a number, regardless of the field, any medical office should learn from Dr. Rotter and staff on how to treat their patients,
Carlos Evora
Carlos E.
04:18 23 Nov 14
A coworker of mine recommended Dr. Astrid Rotter,West Pines Dental is a very different atmosphere from most places; they are always happy and willing to help in whatever way they can regardless of the situation. The doctor and staff were very professional and supportive.
14:14 27 May 14
My experience with Doctor Rotter and her staff at west pines dental was the best anyone can wish for she put the confidence back that I've lost into keeping healthy teeth. The number one reason why humans fear the dentist is pain. Dr. Rotter showed and explain the important of healthy teeth. The facility is equipped with state or the art equipment and medication. Dr. Rotter has one of the best hands when it comes to preforming procedures and with the help of her A+ staff this office was the best people first staff I ever experience in my life. I never seen and doctor office that make u feel at home with televisions and entertainment within the exam room that gives the patient and option to fell at home something that I think is a good idea to allow the patient to relax while at the stay of their visit. I will truly say I came to this office with a grade D- of healthy teeth and now I can clearly say I can feel proud about my smile now. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Rotter and the staff of west pines dental. Thank you all.......
Amber K
Amber K
21:09 19 May 14
I must say that Dr. Rotter and all of those within this office are absolutely fantastic. If you're looking for an excellent and caring dentist than look no further because Dr. Rotter is the one you must see. I can honestly say that the dentist use to be something that I greatly feared but after visiting Dr. Rotter's office I have become much more comfortable in the chair. I've done root canals and have had many cavities filled and non of those times was I in pain after the procedures.
Brandy Cabarcas
Brandy C.
13:45 27 Feb 14
Dr. Rotter is a marvelous and caring dentist. She makes sure you are comfortable and understand the treatment each step of the way. The office is clean with state of the art equipment and comfortable with TVs in each room. Dr. Rotter and her friendly staff make an excellent team. I can't say I ever loved going to the dentist, but she has made it the best possible experience it could be. I highly recommend West Pines Dental.
Marco Ugalde
Marco U.
22:08 20 Jan 14
I have been a patient of Dr. Rotter for about 13 years. I have always received great care from her and her staff. Everyone in her office is very professional, courteous and caring. I would highly recommend her to friends and family.
Evelyn Kennedy
Evelyn K.
19:17 20 Jan 14
Dr. Rotter is such a compassionate, and caring dentist. She immediately established a care plan for me and explained everything that needed to get done. Her staff is so professional, nice, and caring. I am SO glad I found this office and would recommend anyone/everyone to come here! Dr. Rotter always wants to make sure you're comfortable and not in any pain. Her patience throughout all of my dental procedures just shows how great her and her staff are! Thank you Dr. Rotter and staff!
Shelley Santos Marshall
Shelley Santos M.
17:08 14 Nov 13
Very happy to have chosen Dr Rotter. She and her staff are very warm and caring and go the extra mile to make sure her patients are comfortable.
Paulo Junior
Paulo J.
17:43 13 Nov 13
I just moved from Boston to Davie and finding a new dentist was one of my priorities, I had my first visit with Dr. Rotter and I knew all of my worries was gone, she is an excellent dentist, her staff are very friendly and professional, I do recommend Dr. Astrid Rotter if you are looking for a dentist, she is the best.
Vanessa Moore
Vanessa M.
02:10 26 Sep 13
Dr. Rotter has been my dentist for about 15 years and she has always been great. I highly recommend her and her friendly staff to anyone looking for a dentist in Pembroke Pines. Making an appointment is very easy and her office is always very nice a clean which is very important to me. Going to the dentist is never something we look forward but Dr. Rotter always makes it as pleasant as possible . OUTSTANDING SERVICE.
hector larivera
hector L.
17:33 25 Sep 13
My experience with Dr. Rotter was amazing. I had 5 implants placed last week and it was completely pain free during and after surgery.I was amazed that i did not need any pain killers and my face did not get swollen, like she mentioned "could" happen.She definitely has a gentle touch. A1 service from her and the staff...i will recommend her to all my friends and my family!!!!
Linda Mongalo
Linda M.
00:13 16 Sep 13
Dr. Rotter is the best dentist in Pembroke Pines. my experience with her was simply the best. I had some implants, crowns and veneers, and it was pain! Highly recommend her!!! 🙂
Jose Risi
Jose R.
21:41 13 Sep 13
simply amazing.
18:32 29 Aug 13
Making a visit to Dr. Rotter's office has been a great experience, went you get there you know that her excellent staff and her are very gentle. I feel very confident and comfortable going to the dentist and recommending to others visit Dr. Astrid Rotter to live the same good experience.
Guillermo Jalil
Guillermo J.
15:09 26 Aug 13
Dr. Astrid Rotter is a very good professional a nice caring doctor and her staff, highly recommended for all the family.Our family enjoy to visit West Pines Dental.Rating: 5
Daniel Sotolongo
Daniel S.
14:56 25 Aug 13
Best dentist, I highly recommend her to anybody, she is gentle caring, painless and very professional. The staff is amazing and the office is really nice.
Edphi Edmed
Edphi E.
20:11 19 Aug 13
I had a few cavities that Dr. Rotter fixed. I went to her as a second opinion because another dentist wanted to put caps in one of the cavities. Dr. Rotter just treated it as a regular cavity and I saved money. She is professional and gentle. I had a very thorough deep cleaning too. This is a place that you feel they really care.
Elmer Emeric
Elmer E.
01:08 13 Aug 13
It was a pleasant experience going to see Dr. Rotter. The staff was caring and very professional. They ensured that I understood my situation and provided preventative recommendations. I recommend her service.
Edwin Risi
Edwin R.
13:39 03 Feb 13

Video Testimonials

Other Testimonials

I have not been to the dentist in a while. I thought it was going to be torture however, it was an excellent experience. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist!!

– Kathleen G

5 out of 5 stars by Kathleen G on 

This is the best of the West Pines

– Marie S
5 out of 5 stars by Marie S on 10/26/2018

Dr. Rotter is excellent, she makes sure you have a great experience. I recommend 100%

– Viviana M
5 out of 5 stars by Viviana M on 10/18/2018

Dr. Rottter is amazing. She makes you feel comfortable and is very good with patients who have anxiety about the dentist. I would highly recommend her.

– Janet M
5 out of 5 stars by Janet M on 10/17/2018

Dr. Rotter and the office is the best dental office I’ve been to in South Florida. She and the team create a very comfortable atmosphere during visits and procedures.

– Nikki D
5 out of 5 stars by Nikki D on 10/03/2018

We always feel welcome, the staff is always friendly and you can tell they care about the patients. I really enjoy coming here

– Juan M
5 out of 5 stars by Juan M on 10/03/2018

Very friendly and professional staff!

– Mona A
5 out of 5 stars by Mona A on 10/02/2018

This was my first visit and I was very happy with it.

– Giovanna R
5 out of 5 stars by Giovanna R on 10/02/2018

Truly a Five Star dental office. The entire staff is very welcoming and friendly. Im very happy with all of the dental work I have gotten and I will continue to come back as needed

– Mario M
5 out of 5 stars by Mario M on 10/02/2018

They have a client forever with me

– David C
5 out of 5 stars by David C on 08/06/2018

Great team!!

– Susana B
5 out of 5 stars by Susana B on 07/18/2018

Excellent always try to help to give me an appointment i need

– Famona A
5 out of 5 stars by Famona A on 07/17/2018

I’ve always received a good dental care from Dr. Rooter team.

– Antonio Luiz S
5 out of 5 stars by Antonio Luiz S on 07/17/2018

Wonderful Staff; Dr. Astrid Rotter is great…… Knowledgeable, efficient, most pleasant, terrific patient demeanor; explains everything clearly…. Both my wife and I are clients…..

– Alan S
5 out of 5 stars by Alan S on 06/07/2018

Excellent service

– Mildred M
5 out of 5 stars by Mildred M on 05/15/2018


– Eveline C
5 out of 5 stars by Eveline C on 05/15/2018

Excellent service. Very professional staff/doctor. I am happy to be a patient from this dental office

– Susana S
5 out of 5 stars by Susana S on 05/15/2018

I recommend Dr Rotter to you and your family for any dentistry needs.

5 out of 5 stars by EVERETTA on 05/09/2018

I have been going to Dr. Rotters office since the age of 5. They take very good care of my teeth. The office staff are always professional and kind. I would recommend this dentist office to anyone because the prices are affordable and Dr. Rotter has years of experience.

– Shannon S
5 out of 5 stars by Shannon S on 05/03/2018

Very professional and friendly.

– Jermaine H
5 out of 5 stars by Jermaine H on 05/07/2018

Very knowledgeable staff and courteous.

– Diana B
5 out of 5 stars by Diana B on 05/03/2018

Everything Excellent

– Jose S
5 out of 5 stars by Jose S on 04/26/2018

I highly recommend this office. I have been a patient for a few years now and I am extremely satisfied with the services , the ambiance and the staff. Dr. Rotter is experienced, caring and talented. The staff is very nice and professional. You will be in great hands.

– Mayllelis E
5 out of 5 stars by Mayllelis E on 04/25/2018

Doctor and staff very professional and caring. Facility very clean and i liked the new checking system.

– Juan P
5 out of 5 stars by Juan P on 04/23/2018

The very competent and cordial team at West Pine Dental is always delightful and pleasant. Putting the patients interest and concerns first is not an after-thought, but a primary priority. Thank you for all you do. Much love!

– Marc R
5 out of 5 stars by Marc R on 04/23/2018

Awesome cleaning and dr. Experience

– Roberto Rodriguez
5 out of 5 stars by Roberto Rodriguez on 04/19/2018

Very professional staff. Great job

– Ivan A
5 out of 5 stars by Ivan A on 04/18/2018

Staff is great. Dr Rotter is very kind and everyone really pay attention to your needs and make you feel comfortable. The best staff! Thank you!

– Maru F
5 out of 5 stars by Maru F on 04/18/2018

Everyone is very good and professional

– Samuel C
5 out of 5 stars by Samuel C on 04/18/2018

Its a pleasure to following my dentist appointment

– Gladys R
5 out of 5 stars by Gladys R on 04/17/2018

Very professional and courteous. Love dr.rotter and staff

– Luis
5 out of 5 stars by Luis on 04/17/2018

Very good

– Otto B
5 out of 5 stars by Otto B on 04/17/2018

The ladies/staff are awesome. I couldn’t ask for better hospitality.

– Constantine W
5 out of 5 stars by Constantine W on 04/17/2018

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Rotter. The staff is very friendly and professional. I have been coming for years and will continue to do so. When I recommend her , I always tell people she has the magic touch!

– Juan M
5 out of 5 stars by Juan M on 04/05/2018

Everything about this office is excellent. From its cleanliness, to the staff and doctor. I actually enjoy coming for my visits.

– Diana C
5 out of 5 stars by Diana C on 04/17/2018

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