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Teeth cleaning is one of the most common and frequent services we provide to help keep your teeth and gums clean.

Dental Prophylaxis

Our teeth cleaning service, also known as dental prophylaxis, is a thorough and deep clean of both your teeth and gums. This is a very important and common procedure that can help stop the progression or spread of numerous bacteria and diseases such as gingivitis and more. Not only will help stop the spread of gum diseases, but it can also help prevent cavities and maintain proper hygiene throughout your mouth.

Dental Prophylaxis or teeth cleaning has many benefits, some include:

Plaque Removal – Over time, your teeth and gums can cause a buildup of plaque, also called tartar or calculus. This buildup can occur below and above the gum line and if left untreated can cause serious problems down the road. Our teeth cleaning service can remove and clean out all of this buildup that not even everyday tooth brushing can help remove.

A Better-Looking Smile – Even with brushing every day, your teeth can still become stained and yellowed causing a confidence drop in your smile. Our dental prophylaxis will clean and whiten your teeth so you can get back to smiling with confidence.

Fresher Breath – Plaque buildup or the advancing gum diseases can show signs other than yellowed teeth. Bad breath or halitosis can be a dangerous sign of these problems. Our teeth cleaning service will leave you with a fresh and clean breath while still reducing infections and the spread of diseases across your teeth and gums.

A dental prophylaxis is very common and can be performed at our office. We recommend to all of our patients that this treatment should be done two times throughout the year. If you are suffering from a known gum or teeth disease, we recommend you do a dental prophylaxis every three to four months. You can set up your next teeth cleaning appointment by filling out our form or contacting us.

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